Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Sept 8-11, Mitch and I went to Naples FL to visit family. We lucked out and got a free upgrade on the rental car... to a convertible!

This is my Aunt Orie and my Uncle Louis (dad's elder brother). I hadn't seen them in 7 years. They're 87 and 89 but still feisty and full of life. We had two lovely dinners together on Friday and Sunday nights.

On Saturday night, we attended the surprise 50th birthday party for Mitch's cousin Sharon. This is her hugging a guest...

Her kids made a video of photographs from her life; this is her (in the center) watching it, with her daughter and grandkids close by..

Everyone got a kick out of the video..

Mitch's cousin Dennis loved the cake! (So did I-- Mitch egged me on and I ate 3 pieces.)

Some of the guys: Steven, Mitch, Joey, Dennis, and Brian.

Some of the ladies: Kelly, Ciony, Debbie, Sharon, Kathy, and me.

Me and Mitch..

Mitch's cousin Kathy and her husband Joey.

Then on Monday, Mitch and I drove to Boca to visit my aunt Pat, my mom's sister. I hadn't seen her in 3 years and it was wonderful to reconnect. She made lunch for us too-- Waldorf salad and a special mint-chocolate cake.

Sadly, I admit I ate like a pig the whole time. To hell with South Beach, I was on the key lime pie-chocolate cake-prime rib-crab cake-lox and bagels diet! As a result I undid all the hard work of a week without carbs, and then some. But I did run in the mornings... and I ran this morning too. I lost 7 pounds already so I know it was water weight. Today is my first day back on South Beach, though I did eat a tiny piece of chocolate cake at the office birthday party. Mea culpa.

So-- tonight I'll be eating a big spinach salad, some steamed green beans, and a piece of salmon. Wish me luck at losing some of the "goodies" I found by Friday, when Mitch and I head to Houston for a salsa event. I'd like to fit into my jeans!

Then Sunday afternoon I'll fly from Houston to Dallas for a hearing all day Monday. Should be pretty fun-- if you've ever read true crime, it's the case they wrote about in "Body Hunter" and "Screaming at the Sky." (I never read either until I got to this case.)

Gotta get back to work!

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