Monday, July 09, 2007


OK-- time to take a breather and report on the last few weeks' worth of stuff!  [Work stuff deleted to comply with office policy!]

Now I'm in the last stages of packing, and we move to the new house on Sunday the 15th! Hooray hooray!! Nothing like a little lost-keys drama to add spice to the weekend though. I misplaced my car keys for two days (thank goodness I could use Mitch's car.) Found them Saturday, phew. Now, if I could just lay my hands on the spare key (which is also conveniently missing..)

This weekend was LOVELY weather (nice and cool and breezy, about 80 degrees, a little rain Saturday morning and then sunny... I can't believe I'm in Austin!) I spent most of Saturday dealing with various professionals out at the new house-- two electricians to discuss the wiring for my new cooktop, a landscaper, a carpet measurer, and so on. This whole week is quite busy, house-wise, as well-- maids come tomorrow, carpet cleaner on Wed, painters on Thurs, hopefully new carpet for the upstairs gets laid Fri-Sat... I am so excited I can't wait. Then I'm taking off all next week to unpack and get organized. (What a vacation :\)

I might get to do two days of scuba diving in the Gulf at the end of the month, so that will be the carrot at the end of my stick.

Hope you're well....

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