Monday, February 02, 2009

Gi review, part two...

So here's the skittle-suit... it's from a different manufacturer, Hsu. Mark sent me a size 4, but it's a little too big. I'm 5'2" and next time I'll ask for a size 3.


These pictures were taken prior to me attempting to shrink it. I don't think washing in hot and drying on hot made much difference though, so I think I'll be ordering a 3 next.

The fabric is very light, soft and comfortable- this would be lovely as a summer gi. The pants are quite loose and definitely give the feel of pajamas. There is only one belt loop, positioned front and center, but the fabric gathers easily and adjusts easily. Edit: while wearing this gi for class this morning, I realized that it DOES have knee lining-- from midthigh all the way down to the ankle. It's just so soft and fluid, you don't hardly notice till you look for it.

The top is likewise very soft and fluid-feeling. Overall for me the highlight of the gi is obviously the color, but sadly I don't think I'd use it for a competition because it's so easy to grip for an opponent. I think a better-fitting (smaller) gi would be better because my wrists and calves/ankles positively swim in the openings, but in the current size I think it would be too easy to get good grips on me.

I am totally jamming on the color (was called a skittle, a frog, and a leprechaun in class Saturday) and can't wait to mix and match with my pink gi. (I think you'll agree the blue belt looks nice against the green!)

You can get a green gi like this from my sponsor, Mark Severtson and Badgerland Jiu Jitsu.


Steve said...

So, I have to know, are they still after your luck charms? ;)

Cool gi.

Anonymous said...

nice color! but the fit is a bit too loose, i really like it tight & form-hugging (not because i'm a woman, but because it's harder to grab that way hehe :p). but i love the color! i love green, too!

Meg Smitley said...

I love it! Team mates thought I was weird putting up pix of gi to illustrate my review. Glad I'm not the only one :D