Friday, November 11, 2011

What's all this talk about pre-training eating?!

I'm just sayin'-- maybe if you don't have my camel's hump (aka derriere, aka stored energy supply) then you need to worry about feeding the machine before you train.

Me? I have all the stored energy I need for a month on a barren island. I don't like having food in my tum before a workout unless it's maybe something liquid-- for example, I'll drink a glass of milk before an early morning class. Or like at the IBJJF tournaments, right after I make weight, I drink mango nectar. But solid food? NO WAY.

Went to lunch open mat today (on an empty stomach as per always) and had FABULOUS rolls probably because of this gameplan assignment making all my stuff more front-and-center in my mind. I truly had the best time. Rolled with a nice guy, nogi, super mellow and technical but not holding back too much if at all.. really focused on my hook sweeps and butterfly and engaged hooks (Thanks Emily!) and WOW, thanks Rener for the back game... double plus good.

Because it was nogi, guillotines were on the front burner. I was having a serious time trying to finish my guillotines/Marcelotines. Only got one. Definitely need to work on that.

Oh yeah, and, um... not getting reversed/swept in top half when your opponent is tall and lanky. Somehow my crossface just wasn't cutting it like usual.


DagneyTaggert said...

Lol! Holy crap, me too. When I was cutting for the Mundial No-Gi, my damn butt dug it's heels into concrete like a stubborn enemy.

JCC-CSV said...

I'm with you. I'm a liquids-only, 90-minutes-before kind of guy. I can realistically eat solids before a workout, knowing that I can keep it down for a power lifting workout or throw it up for a strength workout. But BJJ? No way, not with someone smashing on my belly. Also, I guess I somewhat feel that throwing up in the gym is acceptable, while throwing up on the mats is not.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Pre-work food = success. It doesn't have to be solids or anything big though. The muscle cells don't know where the food came from.

Do keep the time frames in mind though, as food/liquids take ages to actually reach the muscles.

Check out this post about super foods


this post about timing food intake for performance

Shark Girl said...

Okay, G (+ Dag), as Sir Mix-A-Lot says, "Shake that healthy butt"! (who ever thought I would be quoting him as authority?)or, if you prefer Destiny's Child, you are "Bootylicious!" Do I even need to go to Queen? The rockography is filled with paeans to the patoot. Rock that thang, girls!

AJ said...

omg G, you're killing me! How many guys DON'T like a great backside??? lol!

Ryan said...

I have to eat solids about three hours before I go to class. Nothing big, maybe a PB&J, but I'm there so long I start getting hungry about two hours into class. Other than that I drink water all day, and I might have a glass of juice an hour or so before.