Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Watch 16 of the best lightweight male grapplers go at it nogi Feb 25th!

I'm kind of motivated to watch the upcoming 16-man nogi invitational for 155lb-and-under on Saturday, February 25.  This takes place in NYC and is called "The Ultimate Absolute."  There's a live stream for only $10 at www.splitdraw.com and live podcast at OpenMatRadio.com. Winner gets $10,000 and there's a $1k bonus for each submission!

Look who's competing, too:

-Celso “Celsinho” Venicius
-Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles
-Ryan Hall
-Chris “West Side Strangler” Brennan
-Gianni Grippo
-Justin Rader
-JT Torres
-Denny Prokopos
-Mark Ramos
-Reilly Bodycomb
-Renan Borges
-Samuel Braga
-Ramon Flores
-Wilson Reis
-Bruno Frazatto
-Bruno Malfacine
-Mike Fowler


Brendan said...

This looks insane. I think I'll be buying it! Definitely more exciting than watching Rustam try and rough people up the whole time.

Nick said...

Denny Prokopos for the win! Making the tip to 10th planet head quarters tomorrow. He is supposed to be there, so hopefully I will get the chance to roll with him. This tournament will be sick.

Romeo Barnes said...

I agree brendan Rustam's game is very boring