Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog fixing needed- can you help? Oh, and judo awesomeness.

I'm not an HTML person.  There's something sadly wrong with my blog layout, and I don't know how to fix it.  Is there a websavvy person out there who is willing to help me fix my blog?

Email me please-- georgetteoden at yahoo.  Thanks.

For the rest of you-- this is the coolest :) :) :)


Nat said...

Good Morning Georgette,

From what I understand, this is an issue that is Blogger-wide and was caused by some whatzit from the last Microsort update that's incompatible with some twidget in Blogger.

There's a listing of fixes on the Google Group for Blogger, but their mostly in geek speak. Something about deleting video drivers.

I'd personally wait until Blogger or MS work out what happened. Hope this helps.


Ben said...

Does the site look back to normal to anyone right now?