Monday, August 20, 2012

Diet, fatigue, IVF and Ronda.

Well, we're on schedule to go to NY for our second IVF towards the end of September.  This is a relief and a terror to be honest-- relief for obvious reasons, but terror because it's the last shot and if it doesn't work, then... I hate to think about it.  As long as it's still in the future, it's hopeful, and once it's in the past, it's... over.  Blech.  I've been taking handfuls of antioxidants and vitamin supplements every morning, still going strong on the gluten-free and dairy-free diet (though, I confess, I had a run-in with raw cookie dough on Saturday night.  And if the IVF doesn't work, I will know without a doubt that it was the fault of my orange sugar cookies.  They're that damn good.)

I kind of slacked off of training and working out towards the end of last week, and oddly enough I think that made me more tired than if I had gone on training.  Last Tuesday my good friend the entymologist kneebarred me and the knee stayed sore for 2-3 days afterwards, which sucked.  I call him the entymologist, btw, because he sweeps me like I'm a damn pill bug... and then snaps on my neck like he's a praying mantis.  There's other bug analogies in there too, but I'm satisfied with those.  Anyway-- he caught me in a "I'm stupid" kneebar and I was pretty convinced he didn't have the leverage to finish it without letting go of the rest of me, so I let him try.  Well, he didn't finish it, and he let it go, but somehow it still stretched enough of my knee to cause issues.  I guess that makes it an "I'm doubly stupid" kneebar-- I'm stupid to get caught in it and I'm stupid to sit there watching it like a trainwreck instead of tapping.

I enjoyed watching Ronda's fight on Saturday night.  Thought she made Kaufman look even more like a soccermom than she usually does.  I was also supremely annoyed by Miesha "Cupcake" Tate's fight... Miesha looks annoying, to begin with, and was getting her face beaten in throughout the fight, until she went for the armbar... I guess the ultimate revenge for her opponent was how Cupcake had to leave that nasty hank of hair hanging down over the enormous tumor-swelling-bruise-damage thing sticking out of her cheekbone to cover up the damage.

Who the heck picks CUPCAKE as a fight name!?!?!?

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Steve said...

I like Cupcake as a name! But more importantly, I thought that fight was a barn burner. Both Kedzie and Tate were going at it. While the ending was a shame for Kedzie because she clearly had the upper hand, Tate found a way to win and that's what it takes.

What's more concerning to me is that there is such a gap in skill and talent between Rousey and EVERYONE ELSE that she's going to run out of people to fight before too long.

For the rest, good luck! I hope everything goes well for you in NY.