Monday, February 04, 2013

Moldova's first-ever BJJ tournament a huge success....

Thanks to everyone, including Christian Graugart and BJJ Revolution in Richmond VA, who helped by donating or providing a gi, patches, and/or money for prizes used in the first-ever BJJ tournament in Moldova!  It was a big success, mainly due to the efforts of Bobby and Amanda McMasters and all the competitors who put it all on the mats.

Without further rambling-- please allow Bobby (below, in the black jacket) to introduce the winners!

I'm really excited to see that there were several ladies at this tournament!  

Bobby was recently interviewed by Caleb on Fightworks Podcast.  And Christian Graugart just posted about the grand opening of the new facility for BJJ Moldova HERE.

And a while back, Bobby made this video to show how much the Moldova program desperately needs your help.  If you would like to make a donation-- how about a rashguard? some old whitebelts? grappling shorts or a gi?-- 100% of it would go to improving grappling there-- possibly a fund for new mats, more gis (they don't have running water, much less gis-- many of these kids are grappling in mom's bathrobe), the costs for transport and entrance fees for otherwise indigent competitors or future similar projects.

McMasters Robert
Cal. Grivitei 192
Ap. 49, Et. 1, Sc. C

You can also paypal him a donation, at bobby.mcmasters(at) 


Bobby and Amanda said...

Thanks again, Georgette. There's a growing interest in BJJ in Moldova among our female competitors. If anybody (and especially an inspirational female figure) wants to come out, we totally got you.


Anonymous said...

Ive donated to give a gi before and I will send out some stuff next week. Its the least I can do. I have a 2 gis and some patches I will send. This is a motivating story.

Georgette said...

Thank you!!

Bobby and Amanda said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for your interest! We'll be eagerly awaiting the gis and patches and we'll post your pics to our facebook page.

Just FYI, we just set up a "donate" button on our page so now we can easily accept donations through paypal.