Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jury deliberating in the Maldonado/Shultz rape trial!!

From a friend:
"Just wanted to let you know that I was at the trial last week when the victim testified, and she did great. She was polite and answered all of the questions on cross, but she did not let the multiple defense attorneys (who are women, might I add) bully her around. I went with some [name of academy] people. 
[I also went with a friend] who is a defense attorney and also a former prosecutor (not associated with this case) and they said [the survivor] "presented very well". Apparently Nick [Shultz] did testify earlier this week, and that same defense attorney friend said that he came off very poorly, so there's that.
Nyjah did testify, though I wasn't there for that. Apparently she looked like an idiot, and I was told that she did nothing to help the defense. The jury is in deliberation as of this afternoon, and I am going to try and be there tomorrow in case a verdict is read."
Also from a different friend:
"Ohhh she [the survivor] dropped the dime about Lloyd paying for the defense attorneys.
'Defense atty: So, you consider Lloyd to be a friend? you consider him to be someone who was supporting you?
Survivor: Well, I did, until I found out that he was paying for the defense attorneys.' 
And from [the defense attorney's] reaction, it was obvious that yeah, he was paying for them."
WOOT.  Stay tuned and let's hope for great news tomorrow.

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PirateMartialArts said...

I hope the victim is able to get justice in this case. I know nothing is going to change what happened, but whenever a rapist goes to jail, its one that isn't walking the street. I wish her the best, and hope she recovers as much as possible