Tuesday, December 03, 2013

DJ Jackson's confession and other horror stories released in new Lloyd Irvin exposé

Jake Rossen's article just came out:


Also, updates in Nick Schultz's case... his prior attorney withdrew (he's out of cash) and he's gotten counsel appointed by the Court.  They're going forward with the misdemeanor charges, and  the defense attorney will return to court later once he can meet with Nick and look at the charges, the file, etc.  Nick is still out on a PR bond.

From the dccourts.gov website:

Status Hearing scheduled for 12/03/2013 at 10:00 am has been resulted as follows:
Result: Hearing Held
Judge: DEMEO, MARISA J Location: Courtroom 210
NICHOLAS SCHULTZ (Defendant (Criminal)); ; GREY A GARDNER (Attorney) on behalf of NICHOLAS SCHULTZ (Defendant (Criminal)); Judge MARISA J DEMEO

12/03/2013 Event Resulted - Release Status: Event Resulted - Release Status: PR PSA. AUSA Peter Taylor present on behalf of the Government. Defendant was screened and determined to be CJA eligible. Court appointed counsel. Newly appointed counsel requests a status hearing to confer with client, investigate, and receive discovery, granted, Government not opposed.
The following event:

12/03/2013 Attorney Appointed/Dismissed Attorney Dismissed
Attorney LOTZE, Ms NIKKI U dismissed/withdrawn for SCHULTZ, NICHOLAS on 12/03/2013
12/03/2013 Attorney Appointed/Dismissed Attorney Appointed
Attorney GARDNER, GREY A representing Defendant (Criminal) SCHULTZ, NICHOLAS as of 12/03/2013


SavageKitsune said...

Thank God. I was so anxious that they were just going to blow this off.

The truth be told said...

This is very old materials. This came out months ago. You have any new material? FYI. Prosecution offered a plea bargain where Nick didn't have to register as a sex offender and he respectfully declined. He wants to maintain his innocence and move forward with the trial. And yes. He ran out of money…… so I guess Lloyd Irving didn't pay for his lawyer?