Thursday, March 20, 2014

Interview with Leo Negao!

GymTalk just did a cool interview with Leo Negao, thought you might enjoy it.  He's a four-time World Champion in BJJ, teaching in London now.  A little bit of trivia: Negao is the student who gave Fabio Gurgel his nickname of "The General."

Leo was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He started to train at Carlson Gracie’s academy in 1993 together with Murillo Bustamante, Amauri Bitteti, Mario Sperry, Vitor Belfort and others. At this time Carlson Gracie himself was the coach for Leo Negao and these aforementioned fighters.

In 1998 he moved to Sao Paulo and started to train at Alliance Academy together with Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre Paiva and Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti.

At this time Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti was the coach for this fight team.

In 2002, Leo Negao trained with Vitor Belfort and Antoñio 'Minotauro' Nogueira to develop his striking techniques.

Thereafter, Leo Negao moved to Sweden and opened BJJ and MMA schools around Europe.

An experienced MMA fighter and teacher of MMA, Leo has recently launched Fight First MMA, An MMA promotions company, promoting both professional and amateur MMA fight nights around the UK and Central Europe.

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