Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's up...

Well, my academy up here in Edmonds just hosted Darren Branch (aka Keebler) for a few days of training.. what a great experience.  He's exciting and fun, detailed and analytical, and so mellow and easy-going.  Deeply grateful for all the time and energy he gave to us!

I filmed this ;)

I'm hunkering down and grinding out a big work deadline for early April.  That is considerably less fun... but very necessary.

I'm supervising two investigations for Bullshido.  Waiting on developments in the Nelson Monteiro story (the DA is investigating further) and another California domestic-assault case is on my radar too... getting the arrest report asap and then I can tell you all about it.

I have been pretty blue lately.  I am enjoying my training, but not enjoying the quiet time in the late evening.  So I'm reading a lot, particularly poetry.  Here is some Rumi.. please enjoy.

Those tender words we said to one another
Are stored in the secret heart of heaven.
One day, like the rain, they will fall and spread
And their mystery will grow green over the world.



Kate Sherwood said...

I am sorry for the blueness. Thank you for channeling it into finding and sharing beautiful poetic words.

Paul said...

Just wanted to say that your blog has been great for me to read as a new person to BJJ. I'm entering my 4th week, and finally not feeling like a totally incompetent person. I'm learning to relax when in neutral positions, and as a small guy (135 lbs)waiting for them to do stuff, so I can react with some technique.

I've also focused on training with the people that it is good for me to train with, and trying to survive when I have a partner that just wants to smash me.

Since poetry seems a thing you're in the mood for.

You say I am repeating something I have said before. I shall say it again.

Shall I say it again?

In order to arrive there, To arrive where you are, to get from where you are not,

You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy. In order to arrive at what you do not know.

You must go by a way which is the way of ignorance. In order to possess what you do not possess

You must go by the way of dispossession.

In order to arrive at what you are not

You must go through the way in which you are not.
And what you do not know is the only thing you know.
And what you own is what you do not own.
And where you are is where you are not.
-- T.S. Eliot.

Georgette said...

Thank you both, Kate and Paul... it means a lot! (Friend me on fb if you haven't already!)

Paul said...

I've got a weird question for you.

What are your thoughts on men wearing cups?

I was rolling tonight and I noticed my partners cup as I went to pass his guard. Like, I thumped up against it and it kind of blocked my knee (without it I wouldn't have thumped his junk but I may have passed his guard). I'm pretty damned new to all of this, and I'm sure I can adjust to that sort of thing, but it did seem to sort of interrupt the flow. Moreso than the occasional indelicate moment which can be ignored, or if need be apologized for.

No big deal, but I wondered how you feel in regards to men wearing cups. I can imagine running into a guy wearing a cup and how it changes the roll, perhaps good and bad.

I don't wear one, but maybe I will at some point.

I feel a woman who has the experience you do might be able to talk about how they affect your roll in ways that a man might not.

Be well.