Monday, October 23, 2006

Bayou City Mambo

Well I still don't have the photos from our trip to the Texas State Fair-- but here are a couple from this past weekend, in Houston. The Bayou City, as it's known, hosted the world's #1 salsa performance group "Tropical Gem" for the first time, and they put on two high-class performances and some very intense workshops. Unfortunately I didn't take one of their classes- was too busy working on my stuff for this execution Wednesday. I did get to dance a bit Friday, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon though. Anyway here's the pictures:

This is me and Mitch with Dr. Jerome Carter, who organized and arranged the event. He's a good friend of ours and quite a dancer too.

This is my friend Kay from Houston, dancing with Gerardo from Argentina. In the background, you can see Jerome dancing on the left with an unknown partner, and just part of Reyna dancing on the right.

And this is Adriana, from Houston.

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