Monday, October 09, 2006

Houston Salsa Congress

Sorry-- been super busy at work, so no time to post. The weekend before last (9/30-10/1) I was at the Houston Salsa Congress, and these photos are courtesy of Adriana again.

Here's Azucena Perez, a phenomenal salsera from Austin, leading Reyna Vallejo, from Houston. Azucena's on the right.

Here's Azucena and Carlos, her partner, performing at the congress.

Then Monday 10/2 I had my good friend Frank over to celebrate his birthday with a little dinner. Also invited Reddy, a Chicagoan I met on the plane coming back from visiting Heather, who was in town for work. So the four of us (incl Mitch) had a nice evening-- we grilled chicken alla diavola and had an awesome homemade birthday cake, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow my colleague Kathy and I leave for Dallas for a hearing. Today I'm slammed, so this is it. :)

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