Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quickie Quickie!

Sorry, running around like crazy, trying to get work done so I can get out of the office. My friend Kevin is in town, I have a million things to do for Thanksgiving, and just wanted to post this picture real quick. It was taken two weekends ago at the Dallas Salsa Congress.

Last weekend Friday we were in Houston-- I met with one of our expert witnesses (a real hoot, we have a great rapport!) and then Mitch and I ate a huge lunch at Fogo de Chao, a churrascaria with a wonderful variety of steaks, pork, lamb and chicken. Then we headed to Reyna and Sergio's wedding, which was beautiful.

Sunday, back in Bastrop, Mitch and I spent several hours un-setting the dining room tables, moving tables into other rooms, and re-setting them (to accomodate the anticipated 16 people I had coming for dinner.) Ahhhh yes, you caught that past tense... yup, people have cancelled, and now we have the blessing-and-curse of fewer people. Blessing overall because we have a small enough group to all fit (tightly) in my dining room, together, instead of being split up. Curse temporarily because it means for the FOURTH TIME I have to un-set and move and re-set the tables! Agghhhh!

Oh well, going there tonight with Kevin; Amanda will join us for a bit, and I'll put them to work. Then she heads out to College Station for a little time with her sister before the holiday.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


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