Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Landscaping at home...

Amie, landscaper extraordinaire of LandEscapes, came out with her husband while I was away last weekend. She did the original recreation of my outdoor environment two summers ago, and I knew the yards needed her touch to get pretty after the winter weather. She did a fabulous job, which my photos do not do justice to (I was racing the setting sun, having just hopped off the plane, with about 5 more minutes of daylight remaining.)

This is my backyard, seen from the gate...

My paperwhites, indomitably, are poking up through the flagstones. The air is scented wonderfully when you walk within ten feet of them.

She added a charming Martha Gonzales rose near the fountain.

My font yard, looking south. She was so right about those variegated grasses near the front walk-- they add a nice bit of depth and texture.

The pompom standards near the porch are new.

Fortunately I get to take this urn with me.

Looking from the back yard towards the window in my closet and the side gate. They tried to get this sweet olive tree into a big pot for me to take with, but it was too well grown into the soil. It smells SO good and it seems to bloom all the time! Fortunately the Home Depot had some, so I'll just bring a little version wherever I end up.

This is my side yard on the north side of the house. Four of my big cherry laurels were decimated by the ice storm in January, so I had to get them dug out. Amie replaced them with four new crepe myrtles, purple to match the 100+ yr old crepe in the front yard. She also added a nice little side garden here.

These azaleas on the side of the house will be a blaze of hot pink and coral in a few months.

This is the garden on the right-hand side of my back door. Before this was a bed of mulch! I'd tried caladiums here, but the first cold snap took them right out.

Amie has always done such a fabulous job for me. She and her husband do all the work as though they were doing it for themselves. I always find nice little touches that show real care and knowledge... her designs are amazing. I love to think I might be able to do what she does, but I know the truth. And I'm delighted her husband got a fantastic new job-- except that it probably means they're moving away! So shout-out to Amie and Kent-- thanks for everything, I really appreciate it!

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