Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On our way to visit family...

Tomorrow night Mitch and I head out to Nevada for his uncle's big 80th birthday party on Thursday night. Should be a great time-- haven't seen the family since Christmas (and some I haven't seen since last summer, for Sharon's surprise birthday party in Florida.) We'll be back Saturday evening and spend the rest of the weekend in Bastrop, doing little stuff around the house like cleaning out the tool shed and the back porch.

We decided not to get the big new-construction house. It looked too much like a McMansion; for the money I felt we should have more choices. Mitch was not entirely in agreement with me as he was ready to "pull the trigger" and buy it. We did spend all of Saturday driving around Austin with my real estate agent Jim, looking at what's on the market for anything from $250-500k. Obviously some were out of our price range, some others were too small, too old, or too far out-- but we wanted a better feel for price per square foot. At the end of the day, I was sad to acknowledge that the big new-construction home was pretty fair as far as value and cost went. But I trust my gut, and my gut was in knots at the thought of buying that house-- as much as I loved the interior!

Now we are more focused on a smaller, more modest looking property (but it has some nice trees that I like.) It's a matter of assessing the price compared to similar properties in the area, plus the costs of making some changes aesthetically, etc.

One of these days I'll get the photos up!

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