Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting ready for Thailand.

The big honeymoon trip is right around the corner, hooray! Everyone who asks seems to think a 3 week trip is "wow, so long!" but from my perspective, it's wow, so short. I remember when I was backpacking through Central America (five months) that I promised myself it was not the only time I'd do a good trip like that, and I fully intend to keep that promise. Unfortunately I think at this stage of my life, 3 weeks will have to do. Kudoes to my kick-a** husband Mitch though, because on the rare occasion that I do voice a wistful longing for "real travel" he generously encourages me to abandon ship and go backpack for a while. We intentionally limited ourselves to a mortgage (and a life) we could afford on just his income so that when the pup or pups come along, I can stay home to torture them on a round-the-clock basis instead of giving them breaks with daycare. The nicer side of such a limitation is that, should I chose to take him up on the offer, I guess I could go gallivanting again for a few months. But that wouldn't be fair, or as much fun, as bringing him along. So I am proud of saying no to that temptation. It makes the littler trips I take as a "real grownup" all the more precious.

So-- this weekend we are researching Thailand! On our agenda of possible or must-do's:
scuba diving
Thai cooking
Thai massage
rock climbing
ride an elephant
the Tiger Temple
Chiang Mai

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Jem said...

Hi Georgette, this is Jem, you contacted me via my blog :)
When do you get to Thailand exactly? You are more than welcome to come to both my BJJ and Thai Boxing gyms :) There are Gi's there that you can use, so no worries!!
You can contact me via:
or on facebook :)

Look forward to hearing from you :)