Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just an update-- if it was obsession before, is it addiction now? I'm training 20-25 hrs a week, I've joined two dojos aside from my regular gym, I read grappling and jiu jitsu articles on the net all the time, I attend weekend seminars... I even dream about grappling positions and when friends hug me, I think "overhook underhook."

I love my instructors-- William Vandry, Tony Morel, Robert Reed, and Tom Krausz-- not to mention the colored belts and black belts who also instruct me (sometimes it's more like "schooling" me).

I'm constantly covered in bruises that usually form matched pairs on each side of my body, marking leverage points, pressure points and handholds... my knees and elbows are getting a little tweaked... but I'm not complaining. It's too much fun.

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