Thursday, July 24, 2008


I went to my primary care physician (my OB/GYN) yesterday to get a referral-- get this, how crazy is insurance?? I don't even have an HMO! My OB/GYN's office has many times told me I should consider them a full-service doctor's office, not just for womens' issues, so if I am ever sick in a non-girly way, just call them. So I called about this pulled muscle/rib injury and asked if that was something they could deal with-- take an Xray etc. They laughed and said no, they're good at flu and splinters but not reading chest films. I asked if they could refer me to a sports medicine office, but I had to physically come in and be examined to verify that I needed a specialist! Which adds another $20 copay to my bill. Oh well...

So anyway, I went in, they took my blood pressure, and handed me a referral authorization form to see an orthopedist I'd selected from the Blue Cross list. Well and good. But I decided if I was spending the $20 anyway I might as well ask--- Mitch had found a lump in my breast that the doctor hadn't noticed during my annual exam in early May. I asked her to tell me what she thought-- she felt around, got a serious look on her face, and referred me for a mammogram and an ultrasound. So, please say a prayer for me... I have a horrible family history for cancer, though no other risk factors to speak of.

Some might wonder why the heck I'm blogging about this-- well, friends read it and sometimes I'm not as good at staying in touch as I'd like, and even a stranger's prayer is a help.

Of course I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Dear Georgette,
Even though we have not met, I am sure we would get along wonderfully. I am Steven Sengson's ex and still a Sengson myself! Love your new hubby and I will pray for both of you that the mammogram is negative. You seem perfect for Mitch and your pictures are terrific. Take care of yourself and remember...a healthy mind and healthy diet can do miracles! Cheryl

Robin said...

Oh Sweet Gigi!!! I am so glad Mitch sent out the email that directed to your blog--I've put you on my 'check daily' list.
I will hold you in my thoughts and hope for a non-scary outcome.
Please come visit my blog (and facebook!)
Much Love!!!