Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gracie class 12/2 morning

I had 3 rolls then. First with a sweet guy whose name I always screw up-- Yaddick? Yarrick? dammit. He's tall and heavy, a whitebelt, and I felt a little frustrated- I get to halfguard but give up position from bad habits and end up mounted... again.

Then I rolled with Shane-- sloppy takedown on my part, end up rearmounted, but his legs are so long that I can turn around and get in guard from inside his body triangle. We had good positional battles.

Then I played with Travis, a 3 stripe blue. He was so mellow and not aggressive with me, but did execute two nice sweeps.

I ended up feeling fairly winded so I know I got a good workout. I hope it's enough for NAGA. I'm still feeling nervous about doing no-gi and gi. *sigh* I just need to stop thinking about it; just *do* it.

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