Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shorter, sorer...

So my hair is shorter (at least it's functional in jits, but I am very sad to see it go!) Lost about 10". It does work better-- had it in a ponytail for class and it felt fine; got caught in a few positions but I didn't have hanks of hair coming out afterwards. It feels EXTREMELY STRANGE when I wash it-- there's virtually no hair there. It's so much thinner than it used to be. I think it could look cuter if I were willing to mess with it, but I'm not. I loved long hair because I literally didn't have to do anything to it (besides condition the heck out of it) and it looked great. Now here's how it looks wet from the shower, towel dried. Took this at work this morning, and it's a little shaggy for my taste.

But here's what I'm thinking on the hair. I notice lots of the better women jits fighters do have long (healthy, not broken) hair... perfect example is our brown belt Christy Thomas. Here she's armbarring Michelle Nicolini at the Pan Ams last weekend.

What this indicates to me is that the better you get, the more controlled you will be, and the less time you'll spend with your head flat on the mat, sliding on the mat, etc. And, the fewer occasions you'll have to resort to crappy escapes by pulling your head out in the nick of time-- you just will be better at avoiding the position entirely. So, happily, I think I'll be able to grow this out and not be doomed to a life of shoulder-length hair.

Sorer-- if that's a word-- because I jammed my right thumb last night doing takedowns. It's a plummy-rosy color all around the big joint and it's amazing how many things you need your thumb to do. Like releasing the emergency brake on your car so you can leave the academy after class... like holding the pizza boxes... like unscrewing the bottle of water... like taking notes in class this morning... So I sat out during class this morning, and I think I'll skip it tonight and just watch UFC and eat a burger instead.

Read this on BJJ Grrrl's blog... shamelessly pinching it so I can remember I'd like to try it tonight. Assuming my totally-jacked up thumb heals by tomorrow. It won't, I know.

A long set-up to a choke that Adam worked out on me while we were rolling, and then with some more working on it after we finished. Start in their guard, and start with your posture down, for whatever reason. (I didn’t drill with the smelly guy, and I feel completely sorry for whoever had to.) Work one of their lapels out and pass it over one of their arms; with that same side arm, reach around to the other side of their arm and grab the lapel, and then pull it tight in to their hip, trapping their arm (generally around the elbow). Pop up on to your toes, keeping pressure with your shoulder on their chest/shoulder, and pass that lapel under to the other side, and grab it with your other hand. Come down to your knees again. Grab their pants on the trapped arm side and break their guard. Slide that side leg over, hooking their leg; your free arm grabs their collar behind their head and your shoulder pressures in; open your hips to pass, still keeping control of that fed-through lapel. Switch your hips over to side control. Slide the knee by their hips over their stomach, then switch your knees and go to side control on the other side. Keep shoulder pressure; switch the hand on the lapel; slide the now-free hand across their throat, grab the collar there, and drop your weight on that elbow.

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