Wednesday, August 05, 2009

No mayo, thank goodness....

Shamelessly reverse-engineered from Food for Fitness, the cafe next to my gym... exact amounts still to be played with.

Caribbean Tuna Salad

yellowfin tuna (I used two thick steaks) cooked medium rare or to taste
red bell pepper, diced
shredded carrot
red onion, diced
cilantro (I skipped it)
chili mangoes, diced
olive oil (I skipped this too)
orange juice
lemon juice
mangoes, diced
cashews, chopped
salt, pepper, ground cumin and coriander (skipped the coriander)

In addition to the changes above, I only had plain dried/sweetened mangoes, and none fresh, plus I added a healthy dose of cayenne pepper and some turmeric. I also didn't have cashews, so I tossed in some pecans. It was very good but I suspect even better when the flavors blend.

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