Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweeps! and armbars!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Looking back over this week in my rolling journey, that's what stands out. Lame to be so excited over something as simple as an elevator sweep, but until recently I just never thought to do it. Whodathunkit would be so easy to get someone on top of you to be underneath you? It doesn't always work of course, but imagine my freaking delight... *big grin* Also lame to be a blue belt and still preen about tapping whitebelts. My only excuse is they're bigger than me, and not just in off the street. I don't for a minute forget that at heart I'm just a whitebelt myself; gorgonzola on my best days.

The halfguard reversal when you only have the overhook isn't working so well, unfortunately. I think I'm short enough that when my shoulders are underneath theirs, I can't torque their trapped leg out enough. But I will continue trying. I also almost took the back from bottom halfguard twice now so there's another thing to be pushing for. In general I have been better about taking the back or at least seeing it and pushing for it. However, once there, I get a little one-track-minded about getting both hooks in and I missed the opportunity to get the choke-- he had his two hands fighting my one, I was about halfway across his throat with the other, and still I was scrabbling around for the second hook. Sheesh.

When I roll nogi, especially against the not-really-big guys (160-190 lbs), I end up on bottom with a (slim) chance of fighting from closed guard. I'm having some luck with overhooking, looking at reverse armbars and omoplatas. I am getting better at nogi submissions from mount, specifically pillow chokes and baiting armbars with knee on belly. I still prefer gi, but it's hot enough that I'm doing about half and half these days.

Speaking of gis, I'm disappointed to note that one of my favorite gis has become the unfavorite, due to me dyeing it peach. The color just looks like kaka. Not the dye's fault, I just don't want to be a dayglo Orangesicle. So I ordered another one just like it (the Keiko Raca child's gi, size M4) in white, and that's what I'll send Chris at to tiedye. He's also going to do a pair of pants for me-- white pants, with a spray of pink tiedye at the bottom. I can't wait.

So today is the Texas Testosterone Festival... -- "bringing together under one roof all the possible interests of men." My husband is helping coordinate so I can't make too much fun, or believe you me, I'd be making it. Bikini models and a Playboy Bunny, homebrew beers, chopper cusomization demos, poker tournament, fantasy football, jiu jitsu tournament (tomorrow), an MMA seminar by Amir Sadollah (who was robbed by Miragliotta), and get this.... the Dallas Desire (a team playing in the LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE... wtf!!!) Alas it breaks my heart to miss all this fun today, as I am about to drive to Dallas to watch some matches at NAGA's Europa Championship tournament.

Then I pick up our 12 year old niece Sarah and come on back home. She's spending a week with us and we're going to have a great time! We're planning a trip to Schlitterbahn, some time in the swimming holes around Austin (as well as our pool).. maybe a movie, a trip to Innerspace Caverns in Georgetown.. I will continue training and she's welcome to join in on a kids' class if she wants (though I predict I will have to skip some evening classes, boo.)

Lately been having some tension and conflict at home due to the immensity of my addiction to jiu jitsu. Wish us luck and send us your prayers as we sort through this difficult issue.

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Meerkat said...

Tesax Testosterone Festival LOL!

We in the UK had a similar thing - called 'Weekend at Dave's' - a whole expo on beers, games, girls andcars, and more girls. My old BJJ group were asked to do a cagefight demo - we got a few spectators but with all those scantily clad girls around, I'm afraid we were not match in terms of interest. Happy days!

Me - I am black belt in the art of tip toe around the wife re negotiating jitsu time. Waiting til the kids get older then she will be outnumbered!