Monday, May 31, 2010

Leticia Ribeiro seminar, women only, June 19

Leticia Ribeiro, 3rd degree black belt, will be teaching a women-only seminar at Marcelo Garcia of Dallas on Saturday, June 19, and you should come if you can.

Watch Leticia v. Michelle Nicolini, at last year's Mundials, super feather finals... especially Letty's pass at 6:50 (SICK!)

While we're on the subject of the guard... check out Bia Mesquita's guard passing here.. Bia is a Letty protege, 4 stripe brown belt, phenom, and young superstar grappler.. I especially like her left foot placement around 4:13... She is apparently joining Letty in this seminar so double trouble, ladies!

Here's what the Fightworks Podcast had to say about these powerhouses..

"Beatriz Mesquita and Leticia Ribeiro, two cornerstones of Gracie Humaita’s womens competition team. Do not let the smiles fool you! Four stripe brown belt Beatriz Mesquita and her black belt instructor Leticia Ribeiro are some of the toughest female grapplers on the planet. Mesquita, aka “Bia” has hit the competition scene like a tsunami, winning world championship after world championship as she has progressed through the belt rankings. She also recently came in second place in the World Pro championship in Abu Dhabi. Did we mention that she is not yet twenty years old? Many consider her the top talent among new women’s jiu-jitsu athletes.

Leticia Ribeiro is a black belt under Royler Gracie and is the heart of the Gracie Humaita female team. World champion Penny Thomas has nothing but high praise for Letty, who organizes the competition preparation for Gracie Humaita’s womens team, which earned first place among female competitors for the last three years. And did you ever watch the episode of MTV’s Wildboyz where Steve-O was choked out by a woman? Yes, that was Leticia."

So, many thanks to Triin and the Fenom Project for putting on this wonderful opportunity. Hope to see you all there!

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vidush said...

holy shit did anyone see the dlr setup sweep to triangle from michelle in the 1st video 3:05