Friday, May 28, 2010

People keep getting better...

This was my whine last night to a favorite coach and training partner, my "wing" Scott. I have been feeling lately like I must be making some progress, since over the last couple months, stuff that used to work isn't working any more (and my interpretation was that people weren't letting me get away with stuff so much. Ergo, I am growing past baby into toddler stage, or something.)

He agreed I'm making progress but does not think people were letting me do anything.. it's just that they're getting better. WTF! "How can I ever catch up to them if they keep on getting better too?" He laughed and said you just have to get better, faster. Thinking later, I've added to that: at something different than what they're working on. You're not like one key, one lock... you're different keys and different locks, and sometimes you fit so your high spot is their low spot.

I went to class 3 times yesterday, because I am too fat and out of shape to feel like pushing myself with crossfit, but I couldn't stand the thought of skipping lunch AGAIN to work at my desk like I did all week. Morning was good- a pass I'm familiar with, then Vidush showed me a variation I think will be useful if I can just slow down and not jump into it. Lunch was defending the ezequiel from halfguard (which degenerated into a battle to pass Tucker's half guard without racking him) and defending footlocks and a teensy bit on defending heelhooks. I had a fun 20 minute roll with Coley (on his 21st birthday!) there. Dinner was sweeps from bottom side control (but yes, getting back to a guard position in there so you get the points), and then escaping omoplatas.

So Mundials is right around the corner... we leave next Wednesday. Alas, our school's only putting out 3 competitors this time. Shama's out (back injury from a car wreck), Christy's out (didn't feel she'd trained enough), I'm out (fat and lazy) and that leaves Ian (blue feather) Travis (purple light?) and Bruce (brown superheavy I think). I'm psyched to work another monster tournament, psyched that Budovideos listened to the masses and will be showing womens' blackbelt matches too, and psyched to be training afterwards at New Breed with Johnny Ramirez, Val Worthington, and John Ouano. :)

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leslie said...

Yes, silly people, quit getting better so I can tell if I am!

That is what Tim has finally gotten across to me regarding the higher belts -- it's not that I don't know what I'm doing against them, it's that they know it better/know more, which leads to "nothing works" for me. Which, unlike you, leaves me thinking I'm getting worse.