Thursday, December 23, 2010

Single best blog post of 2010 (for women, in particular)

If you don't read Krista's blog Stumptuous, you should.

Women who train, women who want to look beautiful, women who fight their bodies, fight with their bodies, love their bodies, indulge their bodies or just tolerate their bodies... all should read Krista's stunning piece about the connection between form and function.

And since you're here... a repost from John Will's great site. I like this mount escape, haven't tried it yet, but will tonight.


slideyfoot said...

It is a great post, but judging by the date it's from two years ago. Not that it matters: always worth publicising good writing, and the pictures are interesting too.

Georgette said...

Slidey, I stand corrected. For me it's the best post I've *READ* in 2010 :)

brg said...

LOVED that post. I have a flabby upper body and arms. I can crank out 10 strict dead-hang pullups, bench press my body weight and I can climb a 15' rope with only my arms (no use of my feet) and i still have flabby arms. I will be 50 years old this year so i'm guessing I was always have flabby arms. But i am one mean mother on a mtn bike and have some ripped legs. gotta be happy with what you got. :) good reading - thanks!

Georgette said...

brg-- LOVE YOU SISTER! You freakin' rock if you can do all that, age not even a factor... and especially at your age when most ladies are climbing stepstools to reach the hidden cookies in the pantry ;)

Welcome to my blog... hope you keep reading, love hearing from you!