Friday, December 17, 2010


Work is kicking my rear. I didn't get home the other night till 4am. (Granted, I did do jiu jitsu class from 5ish-8ish.)

I popped my ankle the other night, too-- I was launching myself into a hard and fast mounted triangle and put just a little too much weight down on the side aspect of my ankle as I was jamming it under the guy's head. It popped audibly and painfully but I decided I could make the triangle happen anyway, so I grabbed my shin and yanked, pulling him towards me. Well, that just further flexed my ankle in a bad way, causing me to yelp, let go, bang my head on the mat in frustration, and beg for ice.

It was fine after a little while-- I walk without pain, but no triangles on that side for a while. It's noticeably puffy but otherwise okay.

Went to a funeral this morning for Ashley, the daughter of one of our blackbelts. She'd been fighting leukemia for a long time, and was undergoing the second series of chemo treatments, but she caught pneumonia. She was a gorgeous and caring 24 year old. So sad.

Christmas shopping tonight, then dinner at home with the hubs (seared salmon and sauteed spinach over rice, with a citrus-garlic sauce)... then meeting up with a bunch of academy peeps later like 10:30 for the going-away-and-birthday party of a visiting fighter, Karl Stahl from Germany (he leaves us on Monday! :( )

Weekend in Plano, visiting sis in law with the preemies... they're doing okay, no brain bleeds, still eating and breathing, so that's all good (though touch and go so far..)

Hope your holiday planning and stuff is not driving you crazy :)


SkinnyD said...

I can imagine your frustration when on top of a crazy work schedule, you have to deal with injury. Hope it wasn't anything too serious.

A.D. McClish said...

:( Hope you heal up soon!!

Joshkie said...

Good to hear that the preemies are doing ok.
They are still in my thoughts and best wish to everyone.

Megan said...

Man...good luck with the ankle.