Friday, April 01, 2011

My Pan footage ... *cringe*

No, 20-0 was not some elaborate April Fools' joke... haha.. me vs. Jennifer Recinos (and I'm encouraged to add, not only did she win gold at the Pan, but she also won the Abu Dhabi Pro trial in Las Vegas.)

Here's what her school website said : "Jennifer Recinos – GOLD, at least 3 submissions in the division, and then 3 wins including one sub in the absolute before a heartbreaker of a loss to a much bigger opponent in which she only lost by 2 points."

Since there were only 16 of us in the division, that means 4 matches total, so I am proud I didn't get submitted.  That's the only silver lining I can find :) :) :)  Besides the fact that she was very kind and sweet. :)

Because Mike asked, I'll add other footage of her:

As a whitebelt

At the Vegas Abu Dhabi Pro trial this year:

And randomness... one of Saulo's losses, to Roleta, super sweet sweep... thanks Shakia...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively have to see her other matches to put this in context.

And I would like to know what would have happened if you had passed, in those opening moments; would you have maintained top as successfully?

Pls let us know when you have a rematch, we know how good you are!

PS - you never stopped fighting, you never gassed, you didn't get submitted!

- Michael W.

JayB said... were there and put it on the line. No shame in that, regardless of the outcome.

Jay B

SavageKitsune said...

Yay, you didn't get subbed!

Trapped in bottom half guard for a while.... I can relate. Sigh.

Obviously the problem was that you didn't have your magical tye-dyed gi on!

You'll get her next time.

Georgette said...

I have to say, she was very polite and professional. I sincerely feel honored to grapple tough ladies like her and she won fair and square. I definitely prefer this kind of match to the unfortunate "catfight" types I sometimes see/experience especially with less classy, more desperate-feeling opponents (not that I have had one of those in a long time.) I look forward to a rematch to see if I fix some holes!

Anonymous said...

She was working all weekend like you were. ;)


AJ said...

Way to go, you never gassed or quit, and you were more or less alone- not the ideal conditions for a competition, so good job getting out there and testing yourself! I've been on a Braulio Estima kick lately, thought this might help...

Georgette said...

@Jay- yeah? I didn't see her... you mean working thetourney for IBJJF? Well she did a great job, regardless... it was an honor. How long has she been training? I shld friend her on fb and get to know her better. I'm sure I'll be seeng her around!

Anonymous said...

Ehhh, reading your prior description, you made it sound a lot worse than it was. No shame in that loss, it was a good fight all around. She had some great top control and moved well. You stayed tough and got out of some tricky positions.

*applause* :)


Georgette said...

Thanks everyone :) :) :)