Thursday, July 21, 2011

Climbing rope.

Thanks to Courtney, I finally can climb the rope (er, uh, once.. but it's a start!)  The secret is to wrap one leg around the rope, so that the rope comes around behind your calf and then in front of your instep.  Stand with your other foot on top of the rope (basically like standing on your own foot) and that gives you a "platform" to support your weight while you regrip higher on the rope.  Doing this, I was able to climb the rope where I'd never been able to in the past.  Granted, a long way away from what the boys do, with their legs never touching the rope-- but it seems we're doing rope climbs before the start of every morning class, so I will get some practice.  Durn rope peeled some skin off the instep and ankle bone, so I will wear socks next time.

Good class this morning-- armbar defenses by Kirk.  And then some rolls after, perfect intensity and speed and so on.  Never felt the slightest twinge in my knee, though my foot is still a little tender in the soft tissue.  I have an MRI scheduled for this afternoon to check my progress.

Thanks to Mike with for pointing this out, here's a Terere highlight for your viewing pleasure..


Combat Sports Review said...

Good luck with your MRI. Thanks for sharing the video, I really did enjoy it.

JCC-CSV said...

I love the rope-climbing part of class!