Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I trained for about an hour last night after getting off work at 7pm. This is an exceptionally busy week for me having two deadlines plus preparing to leave on vacation on Saturday morning. Thank goodness for the stress relief of jiu jitsu!

Sadly, though, I wasn't super happy on the mats. I realize that I have kind of a pendulum thing going. The be-relaxed-go-with-the-flow thing is great, until I go in that direction too much, get lazy? or sloppy? and then it's not great. And last night it wasn't.

I rolled with two guys, both sweet, disciplined, mature people who I respect and enjoy training with. I guess the only way to put it is I was being sloppy and hoping/believing that it was just "flowing" and I'd pull something out of my butt at the right time. I didn't, I got swept over and over after muddling around with my ugly hybrid animal passes, got stuck on the bottom over and over, managed a sweep or a reversal eventually, but failed to capitalize on top position. And when I was on the bottom, I was trying for stuff and taking risks, which resulted in arms being out in all kinds of bad places. *grumble* At one point, I kind of "dove" for half guard, and tried to get my leg in front of his hip at the same time he was trying to beat me to it with his knee... his kneecap hit my quad in a weird spot and I had a hell of a charleyhorse. No bruise yet, but my leg is soooo sore right now.

Off topic: man, I am not happy Rick Perry is running for president. He's a buffoon. Here's an article I read which fact-checked his announcement speech. Only two pinocchios!

Did you hear Shawn Tompkins died? A friend texted me about it as I was coming out of a movie Sunday night. How sad.

BTW, if you haven't seen "The Help" or read it yet, do it.

And last-- do you ever get lost when watching high level grapplers? like, you don't know what to watch for or how best to use that time to your benefit? Then check out Liam's recent post on this topic on his excellent blog, The Part Time Grappler.


Combat Sports Review said...

I get too lazy sometimes too. Especially when I'm rolling with female white belts. I try to move slow and give them "room" to work, and I end up feeling "lazy".

Have fun on your vacation.

Afrorican said...

This is such a funny post. I was just thinking about the same lazy trance that I sometimes fall into. My post today was also going to be focused on the same thing. My second roll today I ended up on the receiving end of a bow and arrow choke. As we were rolling I was just like "yeah whatever I'll just work out through an opening. The opening which never came. LOL