Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mindbogglingly simple approach to topgame......

Check out this approach to top game by Christian Graugart!

His post has lots of photos and some video as well, but here's the cliff's notes he provided:

"Control points:
1. The head
2. The near side elbow
3. The near side knee
4. The far side knee
5. The far side shoulder

Ze Master Gameplan:
- Prevent opponent from turning into you by controlling at least one of the five control points. Preferably two or more.
- Be aware of the guard
- If opponent gets on his side, move 180 degrees around his head and control handles on opposite side right away.
- If opponent turns away from you, go to harness."

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The Part Time Grappler said...

A thing of beauty! The smaller you are, the more handles you'll need to control them. :)