Monday, April 09, 2012

Roll Adapt Win-- we should all be so lucky....

A buddy of mine has gone through this incredible endeavor of starting his own clothing company to meet the needs of the jiu jitsu community.  What's amazing is he made time to do it and train and work full-time and raise his little boy as a single dad!  The shirts look really cool, no skulls or crossbones, and invite curiosity from the general public.  They're reasonably priced (about 25 bones) and shipping is free!  And you get to support a fellow fighter.

Check out this drop seoi nage in mid-flight!  Yup, founders of RAW in action--

So I want to share his dream with you and let him speak about it directly.

Roll.Adapt.Win Clothing was founded on the spirit of jiu-jitsu and those that paved the way. We know RAW embodies the vital principles of the sport, because like you we train and those principles flow through our veins too.

When we roll, we are moving to advance our position. Along the way, we adapt to our opponents' movements, altering our own while setting up counters and submissions. In the end... win or lose, we win because we are steadfast in our dedication to learning the art and bettering ourselves as individuals.

 We are inspired by the creativity and innovation of those that leave their blood, sweat, and tears in the academy daily. Our clothing is just an extension of that creativity, just another medium that can be used to spread the BJJ movement and the ideals of the lifestyle.
Stay RAW.

When was Roll Adapt Win created and by whom?  Roll Adapt Win was created by me (Jei) and my buddy Ethan about six months ago.  We have two partners were were lucky to involve, Sonia and Silent Henry.  We form a pretty unstoppable team with a lot of experience in our respective roles.
What is Roll Adapt Win all about?  Roll Adapt Win is a way of life.  It is a mentality that everyone should have.  When you are rollin', you don't have time to stop and think about what everyone is saying or doing, you just keep moving until you eventually get to where you want to be in life.  We are inspirted by the movers, shakers, hustlers, motivators, medal-chasers, and go-getters in life.  We wanted to create a brand that embodied jiu jitsu, but was clean and classic so anyone could wear it!  My years in design school taught me that the best designs were timeless and had some sort of message behind them.  We try to incorporate those two principles in everything we do.

What made you decide to create Roll Adapt Win?  We had something different to offer.  We had ideas, and a little money saved up, and we decided we were going to stop talking about it and start being it.  We are very aware of what's going on in BJJ and street fashion, and we wanted to do something completely opposite but still remain hip and current.
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