Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Check out the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory!

Prowling through friends' blogrolls is a bad thing to do when one has a lot of work to get done but isn't particularly motivated to do it.

Found this cool site, the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory.... written by David, a purple belt in Vancouver.  Check out their recent tutorial on the Leg Drag Pass. 

And check his thorough analysis of the berimbolo... including competition footage with Rafa Mendes, Samuel Braga, Ryan Hall and others, and instructional footage...

Yay, another addition to my blogroll.  David, if you're reading, I know that PhD you're chasing is keeping you busy, but I like your stuff, so please, MOAR POSTS. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks Georgette! The Lab is back to full steam after a brief hiatus. Keep up the great work!

Georgette said...

Glad to hear it-- looking forward to reading more!

Take care :)