Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Oh, I'm sore..

A little seoi nage, a little Boys, for your Tuesday morning...

A new month at Gracie Humaita Austin and looks like May will be all seoi nage and standing guard passes, all the time.

As Donald puts it-- you don't want it to be like Sexual Panther, where 20% of the time it works all the time.  You want it to work 100% of the time.  So, we did uchi komis for seoi nage for 45 minutes, then the most basic variant of a standing guard break into the stack pass for about an hour.  And even though my partner Marisa weighs next to nothing, I got up this morning and immediately knew I'd been doing something wrong, because my back is sore.

I'm trying to decide whether to go to training tonight.  Pros and cons as follows:

Pros: Tuesday night and Thursday night training is brutal, hardcore, nonstop rounds.  Maybe 30 sec-1 minute rest in between, but D picks who you are matched up with and it's go-time.  So I will get a good workout.  There's also the option of attending the on-ramp class first (our intro for whitebelts) and all our brownbelts say they learn things in the on-ramp, so I know it's not below me or anything silly.  Our whitebelts are sick, they're dangerously good (all of which makes me so sad I didn't/couldn't have started my training with D from the beginning.) And I ate donut holes for breakfast this morning so it's not like I couldn't use the extra work.  And my husband has his statistics class tonight, so I won't be missing his company for too long, he'll get home around 9:30 and I'll get home around 10:30.  I do have a gi in the car, so I could stay at work late and go straight to the academy, which would save on gas money. And then I would be less likely to snicky-snacky at the house.  I have carrots and hummus and navel oranges here at work (now that I have eliminated the offensive donut holes, haha.)

Cons:  My back is sore, as I mentioned.  I'm a lazy slug.  I'm afraid to go and be mush and have people think they need to take it easy on me, that I've gone soft and wow, what happened to the old Red Menace?

OK, it's fairly obvious I should go tonight.

My favorite judo throw of all time-- the sasae tsurikomi ashi-- and I just found a new example of it.  I love the slow-motion breakdowns at the end.

Here's a quick breakdown with competition footage at the end...

I know I've posted this one before, but I couldn't resist.  A Toshihiko Koga highlight, doesn't get much hotter than this.  (They disabled embedding!  so click on this link.)

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