Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All kinds of news!

Aagghhh... I've been so busy, I can't even begin to think about getting photos up.

Mitch and I are talking marriage... wedding... selling my house... buying or building a new one... plus his company is getting software out to their client AMD, so he's been super busy... plus my aforementioned multiple deadlines (and I forgot if I mentioned I've been made first chair on an evidentiary hearing scheduled for June-- so tons of prep work to get started on there.) I'm delighted that all my "woes" are good news, but it's still tiring and stressful, no matter how pleasant the ultimate end!

I'll say this-- my priorities are still in order. Loving God and listening as best I can, doing my work well, loving Mitch with all my heart, and making wise decisions for the future. As long as I keep those in focus, everything else will fall into place.

This is the model of the home we're looking at building--

We both think it's a little big, a little square, a little ostentatious, a little McMansionesque. But the floorplan really has what we're looking for, and it's close to downtown, on a hilly lot looking down on the city, with some trees. So we're going back and forth. Ayy!

That's about all I can update for now-- gotta get a LITTLE work done today. (I know Susie, a salesperson for one of the builders we've been talking to, reads my blog to get clues about my lifestyle, so everyone say "HI SUSIE!" lol)

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