Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry I'm not keeping up to date...

Work has been insanely busy. I discovered a glitch in the scheduling/calendaring process in my office (partly my error, partly the system's) and realized I have six deadlines in February instead of the four I'd anticipated. Fortunately one is done already, and two can be extended, making February really just three. But of those three, two are extremely time consuming, and one is just weird but short thank goodness. Plus, had out of town guests last weekend for the Austin Salsa Extravaganza (which was GREAT!) and I will be out of state for two weekends in Feb, as well. Feb 7-10 we'll be in Vegas for Mitch's uncle's 80th birthday party; Feb 16-19 I'll be visiting some friends up north. Soooo.... not enough time to be uploading my Christmas and New Years photos, or the photos of the "BIG ICE STORM" that wasn't so big, but was big enough to cancel work for 3 days :)

Hope everyone reading is doing well and staying warm. I'll do my best to upload some photos maybe this weekend.


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