Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jeff & Lauri's wedding...

Mitch's college friend and sailing buddy, Jeff, married Lauri last Friday in a lovely, intimate ceremony. Unfortunately, their photographer bailed at the last minute because of a sick child! So I was honored to step in (and extremely happy that Mitch had brought his new Nikon D40, since Jeff called to ask me to shoot the wedding after we'd left Austin!)

So here are some pictures-- we had the 18-50mm and the 50-200mm, and only the pop-up flash, but I still think they turned out acceptably well. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the church to get good "kiss" pictures, but what can you do?

Here's the cute little chapel-

Her dress was a gorgeous shade of champagne, in duchess satin...

Jeff, getting his younger son Dylan into his tux... isn't he a ham?

It's the little details that count..

Her something-borrowed and something -old, a love knot ring she and her father had given her mother when she was a little girl... and her something-blue was her toenail polish :)

Lauri made it easy to take a stunning bridal portrait!

Jeff's older son, Justin..

And of course, Dylan wanted to climb on anything available...

Getting excited!

The chapel was softly lit with candles..

Look at her ring, it's beautiful.

Her parents..

And his-

The look on his face when he first saw her enter the chapel..

Jeff's son Dylan, and Lauri's daughter Alexa...

Dylan, clowning a bit..

And Lauri, given away by her son Taylor..

The ceremony was short and sweet...

Here's my only kiss shot! Boo hoo...

Then we all piled out of the church..

And headed over to the Prairie House for some barbecue!

I wasn't the only one eager to get at the cakes!

Lauri's cute flip-flops

A gaggle of little girls..

Yours truly on the other end of the lens for once..

After dinner, Jeff and Lauri exchanged a very private toast.

Then, the cake. You can see a little bit of fear in her eyes...

And no wonder!

After dessert, Jeff and Lauri called it an early night, since their flight to Mexico left early the next morning. We had a fantastic time sharing their special day.

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