Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rolling Sunday..

I am blessed to have Tom training me. He is a wonderful instructor, he pushes me, knows when to taunt me and when to coddle me, he praises and offers constructive criticism, and he makes it fun. I had a good time rolling with him today and learned some crucial big-picture ideas.

95% of people will break open your guard and go backwards/away from you, giving you the space you need to work an offensive open guard. I should be maintaining one knee in their chest and levering their attacks away from me. When in someone's guard, break it open and go forward! Can opener, tuck your hips tightly under theirs, posting on one knee and one foot, control their hips with your knees, scoop under a leg and pancake them into side control. Tom says he hates playing from his back all balled up and it makes it much harder to escape the can opener or work any offensive positions. I put my head too far forward. Couldn't tell you how many times he guillotined me. In fact today was neck crank day. It sucked.

On the plus side, he said I'm getting better, and said Robert told him I am getting better, more patient. I am starting at the Gracie school tomorrow; looks like this month I'll do 4x week and consider moving down to 3x a week if that's too much.

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