Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday roll...

More no-gi today with Robert-- as always, trying to pass guard, getting out of triangles and armbars, and at not getting into them. Attempted an armbar counter that involves wrapping around their ankle; the first time it happened, it was because he was kindly going slowly to give me time to think... and I looked around and thought maybe gable-gripping around his ankle would be good. Unfortunately it wasn't the best ankle to go for-- but I learned, and the next time I did it with the "over my head" ankle, which worked just fine.

I tried out the blackout choke for the first time, but Chris is so big (or I am so small) that it only worked because he let me do it. Sub101 has it up on their site here. However, it was so tight, I didn't even have to get my other leg over his chest or pinch my elbows together before he was ready for me to stop.

I'm at a loss for how to evaluate how well I'm progressing. Sometimes I check to see how long it takes before he lets me tap him, or how long I can go before I get tapped... today he was checking the ratio of my taps to his. Sometimes I think it's good to measure how many unique submissions there are. For example, I got my first tap from an armbar from mount (and learned that it worked more easily when my torso and his were more aligned as opposed to being perpendicular to each other) but wanted something else, and only went back to the armbar as a last resort for my second tap. Whereas I think I tapped to a kimura, an armbar, and... what else??

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