Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Competitive... -3.6lbs

I realized that I found losing weight and eating healthily pretty easy when I was doing it to reach a goal-- making weight for a tournament-- and was motivated by something outside of "looking better" or whatever. For example, at NAGA the weight cutoff was pretty easy to make but there were only two classes, so I was motivated to make sure I didn't have to get in the "heavyweight" class. (However, now I've seen how they do brackets, so I'm motivated to be on the lighter side of the lightweight class, because those littler girls get paired together, whereas the girls like me right on the cusp actually walk around a good 10-15 lbs more than I do on an average day.) At other tournaments like the Texas Open they had <119, 120-138, and >139, for example. I know <119 is reachable for my frame, so that's on my list.

I was greatly entertained by the contest in Austin running from June 12-August 14, where whoever loses the greatest %age of their body weight wins $1000-- so I entered. (Last year's winner lost "only" 10.4% of their weight, which I can top no problem... actually shooting to double that.) Hence my competitive nature will help me reach a goal that ends up positive for me not just in terms of finances, but health and fitness and fitting into clothes more nicely, too.

I'm going to start posting how many pounds I'm up or down from my starting weight on June 12. Since I somewhat overdid it with the salt the day before, ya'll don't need to know what my actual starting weight was (except for me to say no, Tom, it wasn't 180, but thanks. Not. At. All.)

Got my head slammed into the mat (accidentally) while sparring this morning (nothing fun, just a failed sweep) so I'm still a little headachey. I'll still train tonight though. I want to practice the o soto gari if I can find someone who will drill with me.

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Scott said...

You should stuff yourself for the initial weigh in so you can start with a higher weight than your walking around weight. REVERSE WEIGHT CUT! They had a "biggest loser" challenge at my work and some of the smarter engineers did that.