Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pulling guard to sweep to armlock...

Victor Estima. (Don't worry Dad-- I'm working on basics. Doesn't mean I can't admire superior skills tho'.)

I love it.


Unknown said...

Very nice, I approve. :)

Viro said...

From a sport perspective I say, "Very nice."

From a self defense perspective, I just shudder. What a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to learn to do.

Georgette said...

Goodness gracious, I can't imagine anyone, in a self-defense situation, even keeping a closed guard around an assailant who stood up in the guard.

I'm not studying jits for self-defense, more for sport. I recognize some of the beneficial aspects of jits for different purposes, but primarily I'm into it for competitive purposes. :)

Welcome to the blog, Viro!

Wm Blaker, printer said...

I now routinely walk around crouched down like a crab (to fend off takedowns) with my arms pulled in like T-Rex (to fend off arm bars) even at Target. And oh yeah, you're safer if you limit clothing options to tee shirts and shorts. Not completely safe because of that no gi thing, but at least a little safer.