Wednesday, July 08, 2009

-8 and yucky

Staying home sick today, think I ate something that disagreed with me yesterday. But before I started that whole thing, happily, I was down eight from June 12. Not the stunning progress I'd wished to be reporting, but I'm back on track with working out now so no biggie.

I did have some fun with Jordan last night, learning a nice alternative to an armbar (essentially a forearm crush-elbow-expansion sort of thing) and attempting to learn an improved scissor/push sweep from guard. That didn't work as well because while controlling one of their sleeves with both your hands, you get up on an elbow and scoot parallel to their body. I couldn't seem to master scooting on that axis-- I kept including an "away from them" vector as well, which compounded the difficulties of having short legs. It will take practice.

My whole body is sore today. My last crossfit class was unusually heavy on arm work, and I've done a lot of nogi in the last week, so I'm not surprised my arms right down to the fingertips are busted.. but what's up with my legs? If I feel better today I might get into the pool and swim a little bit.

Hope you are enjoying your summer...

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