Friday, July 10, 2009

-8.6 and healthy

Wheeeew, it's been so hot! 104-105 outside usually feels like a crockpot on high inside the academy.

Thursday I missed morning class because my car wouldn't start. Apparently there's a little piece of plastic under the brake pedal which turns off the brake light unless you're pressing the pedal... alas, in my wonderful little 14 year-old Acura, the piece broke and so my brake lights were on all night. My husband jumpstarted my car, and my mechanic fixed it (FOR FREE!!! so if you're in Austin and have a Japanese car, go to Dealership Alternative and tell Bill you heard about him from me.) Anyway, I took it easy during lunch crossfit, did an hour of nogi, and just couldn't bring myself to bake for another 3 hours at the night class. Instead went shopping with my husband, had sushi for dinner, and watched a movie about Jane Austen.

Today's another scorcher, high 105 again! but I will be rolling at lunch open mat and evening open mat. Nogi-- not even bringing the gi top.

I will say, I rolled with my friend Tom and almost butterfly swept him, and I was happy.

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leslie said...

It's been FREEZEing! here for the last week. And rainy all day. Ick. I spent one summer in Texas, and I enjoyed the heat.