Friday, July 17, 2009

Pluggin' along...

Work's been good, busy and productive, and spent the day yesterday in a seminar about forensic interviewing. Very enjoyable way to spend a day-- watching video clips of criminals trying to lie their way through interviews/interrogations and learning about all the verbal and nonverbal clues to deception.

Jits of course is always good... missed a class here and there but I'm finally feeling acclimated to the hot weather. It's not pleasant putting on a gi that's been sitting in your 105+ car all day, but you get used to it. Our warmups have been scaled back which helps-- we run about a mile, then do bear walks/frog jumps/bunny jumps/one-legged hops and all kinds of rolls across the mat, carry or drag each other across the mat, then pushups, ab work, and stretching. Takes about 30 min and if you stand in front of one of the fans afterwards you can almost feel chilly with all the sweat you work up. I find that I'm playing a consistently defensive game with the majority of my training partners, but when I play with someone my level or lower, a more offensive side pops out. I'm also noticing that moves I'd shelved long ago are more feasible now... I never think of going for kimuras and americanas, having checked them off as too easy to muscle out of, but if my position is improving, their ability to muscle out diminishes. Yay.

Still trying to hit at least 4 of my crossfit-like classes a week. Yay. And of course still teaching salsa on Friday nights at Copa.

Looking forward next week to a visit from my girlfriend Shelley and her daughter Reagann. They're doing a driving vacation together, coming down from Little Rock and hitting Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

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