Saturday, September 26, 2009

Abu Dhabi...

I can't wait for tomorrow! The rebroadcast stream is up and running, and after a quick shower and some errands tonight, I will be watching it again. Some for the first time. Leo v Ryan is an interest of mine for sure, as is Jacare v Drysdale.

Class today was great fun because several of my friends were promoted. Gabe, Ray and Scott got their purples striped again... Nathaniel got his purple... Daniel got his 4th stripe on that ratty salty blue thing... Jerry and Yager got their blues. It was fantastic to see their hard work honored with cheers and in some cases a good whacking with lots of belts. I enjoyed rolling with Yuni, a relatively new white belt chick, and got a good sweat on. Of course I liked it because finally there's someone I'm stronger and more experienced than... it was nice to be able to practice.

Made two pots of chili.. thinking about cranking out some cheddar-jalapeno cornbread and mint brownies tomorrow. There'll be the live stream at 4am, then I have class at 9:30am... then hopefully a bunch of people here to eat and watch and scream and cry all afternoon/evening.

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