Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect storm.

I'm tired of warm weather! Please someone give me a storm.

For me, the perfect storm would be one that happens soon.. and keeps on coming. I'm bored with happy, sunny, clear skies. That kind of weather feels so trite and nonunique. Rain, storms, and grey, windy days seem to have so much more... potential. Sometimes slow, gentle, tender; sometimes fast, hard, pounding. Either way I love to get completely soaked. And I love the sound of rain on the roof. And I love running through puddles and coming in the house chilled and shivering, wrapping up in a fleecy blanket and drinking hot sweet tea with cream.

Ahh well... until that happens, I comfort myself with jiu jitsu.

Today was open mat so I ended up uke for a friend who was drilling a Donald series of side mounts, counters and recounters. Then, I played catnip mouse to Jordan's cat, eating what would have been a fist-to-throat but instead was fist-to-jaw, narrowly avoiding a wristlock and a sweep or two, falling headlong into another one or two, dodging an armbar, and tapping to the start of an arm something on my squidgy elbow. I think. Then I rolled with my first friend and was disappointed in my inability to regain full guard (though I came close) or to resist tapping to his damn S-mount. He's only about 8 lbs heavier than me, but managed to put alllll of his weight in my solar plexus. No fun.

I was really excited to watch as much of Abu Dhabi as I did. Hillary Williams just plain rocks. Training only 3 years, winning everything she looks at (white, blue, and purple)-- and as a purple, tapping out Megumi Fujii aka Mega Megu this weekend in Barcelona. Not shabby indeed. Considering training with her a bit if I go to Little Rock to visit my girlfriend Shelley.

Received several new instructionals in the mail today so I will be posting some reviews soon, I hope. I have the start of Stephan Kesting's Grappling Concepts course as well as (don't poke fun) the JT Torres series called "How to be a Brown Belt Nogi World Champion." It looks good... Standup, Top game, Bottom game, Back attacks, Drilling techniques, and Chain of command all on separate DVDs. I haven't even taken a peek yet but I promise reviews. Oh-- and thanks to the review on Jiu Jitsu Kit, I realized that the Mundial #9 pants are not 100% cotton, so will have to send another gi to Chris at Happy Kimonos for my tiedyeing.

Finally, a little hint of fun to come... chatting with my friends Jemima Wright (of Bangkok, muay thai and BJJ fighter) and Mike Webber (of San Fran, BJJ mentor and lawyer pal) brought to my attention the new gi company -- but they've asked me to keep them under wraps until they get ready to handle orders en masse from the US. Right now they're mainly focused on SE Asia and Australia. So, yes folks, I will be adding gis to the massive collection. Why these, you ask... I'll just say two things: under 2 lbs, and air dries in under 30 min. And yes, I will be posting a review and photos here. :) They plan on shipping out to me sometime mid-November so... yay!

Someone, send me a storm, please.


leslie said...

We had a wonderful storm last Saturday during the football game. I didn't go, but the family that did got soaked; I sat home under the blanket and drank hot chocolate.

Right now we just have gray, windy days -- but no rain. Lots of cold, though. Bleh, cold.

I like summer storms better, when it gets so hot first that you don't even want to move, and then the storm arrives in mid-afternoon to cool everything off. Lots of thunder and lightning = bonus.

Elyse said...

Air dries in under 30 min? In what state? Arizona most likely?


Georgette said...

LOL-- no, this data comes from dry locales like Thailand... Bali...