Friday, September 04, 2009

End rant, continue roll...

Of course my faith in the goodness that is jiu jitsu has not been shaken. My neck is mostly fine since the incident on Monday. My shoulder is still effed up (feels separated, if that makes any sense) and unfortunately my ankle is likewise from that stupid takedown 2-3 weeks ago. Still, I'm happy to be on the mats.

The most constructive big-picture feedback ever came from a good friend yesterday morning. He says I need to stop rolling so much with the big people and try to get 80% of my training with people under 150 lbs. He watched me roll several times with one of the smallest guys in our school, who's 5'5" and maybe 140, and says that I am giving up position and not fully pursuing... I'll run my hips once when I should be doing it 3 times, or I'll go to guard at the first opportunity. I agree, rolling with the big people has taught me that I can't outmuscle them, but that lesson isn't always true, and I'm getting in bad habits. When I get with someone smaller, there's a much better likelihood that I can make things happen. I have noticed this before in several contexts: why don't I go for kimuras? (Because I can't!) No-- you CAN, just you DON'T because often they're too strong. But it still needs to be a technique that you 'see' and go for when appropriate instead of checking it off your mental list.

Another perfect example: Peanut Butter Guy and my escape from side. Maybe I just need to get mad more often, maybe being efficient and saving my energy isn't always ideal. But I really appreciated the feedback. So in class last night, I drilled with Leila (and there's a new girl! hope she stays..) Didn't roll with her, got busy chatting with the new girl, and ended up briefly rolling with Jerry.

Gotta run, have class again. Looks like a nice weekend... going to San Antonio on Monday with a friend to shop and take some pictures of her for her new album.

Ah, before I go-- watch this video on Youtube. Then go find your local farmers' market and stop buying commercially produced eggs. This is sickening and heartbreaking.


Meerkatsu said...

Hope you get better from your injuries.

Big people scare me but actually, I find the toughest spars I have are with guys my size. I just can't get the leverage I am used to against the bigger guys, and ironically, resort to using more strength than I normally do. Funny that.

BJJ CailĂ­n said...

It took me a while to learn this too but you shouldn't roll with any white belts over 150lbs, unless you know they are very experienced. It helps keep the injuries at bay.