Friday, April 16, 2010

The fabulous tie dyed gi...

This is a work of art and I might have to wear it to bed. At least tuck it under my pillow! Check out this beautiful baby... I sent Chris (at one of my favorite gis, an Atama "female fit" F3. I had a custom back patch made by the great guys at NHB Gear to suit the local frame of mind... and look what I just got back!

So here's the back, minus the Atama patch, before mine was sewn on.

This is almost how it looks now-- I kept the "Keep Austin Weird" patch (my design! if you want one let me know!) but the Happy Kimonos one went on the front.

The front:

The pants:

Seriously, these look even better-- sharper, brighter, crisper-- in person. I washed the gi twice with the special Synthrapol detergent used for freshly-dyed fabrics.. it keeps any extra dye that comes out in the wash from resettling on the fabric or muddying the colors. Downside is it smells funny so then I rewashed it with lavender detergent and now it's in the dryer with 3 dryer sheets. I am going to ROCK this gi in class tomorrow! I can't wait!

On other fronts... still no reply from on the coverage issue.

P.S. Saturday afternoon-- I did indeed rock this gi today. I must admit it gave me no superpowers-- Zade, the new blue belt, still looping choked me. But I don't care-- it's especially appropo given this weekend is the Reggae Festival!


Rob said...

Has Relson seen this gi? :)

Unknown said...

Exactly what I was thinking @ what Rob said... cuz I know Relson DESPISES colorful Gis... I Train at a Relson Academy (Gracie Arizona) I wouldn't advise wearing that when he comes through...just saying..haha

Georgette said...

Yeah, well, I haven't trained at Relson's in years, now that gi is reserved for special events since I'm at Humaita (blue or white only.)