Saturday, April 17, 2010

My match at the 2010 Pan.

I welcome your input and commentary! My opponent is Nina Beeson, a blue from Alliance Atlanta. Match was scored 0-0 with 1 advantage each. Let me know what you think-- and of course, many many thanks to my Chief Cameraman and husband Mitch :)


Jiujitsunista said...

Wow! Nice grapple! Even though I knew the out come, it was still a really entertaining match to watch. I even yelled at my computer screen during that triangle attempt. lol

Nice job Georgette!

Georgette said...

LOL funny-- I ALWAYS yell at my screen, it's so painful to watch me fall into the stupid triangle. AAAGGGHHHHH Georgette nooooo! It's like a horror movie-- what are you thinking-- of COURSE you shouldn't go into the basement/the closet/onto the front porch!!!! AGGGHHHHHH!

Elyse said...

I noticed you (both you and your opponent) were stalking each other by stepping wide and then crossing one foot in front or behind the other. If you avoid letting your ankles/feet/knees get that close together you will avoid alot of easy wrestling take downs. Most of my double-leg take downs used to happen when I'd just grab up both legs together at the knees and holding until the other person toppled over. Also, if someone pulls guard and your legs are wide apart (with your knees pointing outwards), you're alot more likely to stay standing out of their guard and you'll score the standing pass.
Yay for being a back-seat driver... wish I could practice what I preach... 6 months to go.

Elyse said...

Also, your passing looks really awesome! If you add speed and a bit of jerky unpredictable movement to that it'll be unstoppable. As it was in this match, she could always follow with her knee cause you're movements were really smooth.

Georgette said...

Thanks Elyse... that's the kind of feedback I obviously really need. :)

Dev said...

1. She's TALL!

2. Nice patch on your butt! ;) The one on your back is pretty cool too.

3. Good job not freaking out inside that triangle.

4. Just my perspective, but from working the top, try thinking about switching directions a little quicker. You tried smashing through the front, and she tilted ALL the way over. If you'd have changed directions on top, you could have come around to the back. Same thing going the other way.

Basically, I'm just echoing what Elyse already said. She's smarter than I am, so I'll conclude by being the guy in the back of the crowd going "YEAH!" in a bass voice.

Good job!

Jason ( said...

After reading your blog for so long and seeing pictures of you it was good to see you in action. I too was tense while you had the triangle on. I guess she didn't have it tight enough or it would have been over with. I liked your patch on your back too.

Georgette said...

@Jason: Thanks!! were you there? or you mean watching the footage? Are you coming to Mundials?

Yeah, I was a little irked that I triangled myself... wouldn't have been as annoying if it had been by craftiness on her part. But whatever, next time I better escape faster so I have time to pass guard! :)